On Ways of Relating Science and Christianity

In our North American culture there is a pervasive perception that Science and Christianity are in serious conflict with irreconcilable differences. But is this really the case? Instead of conflict, some people see the two as in totally separate domains – one in the realm of faith and the other of reason. In contrast, others see a more positive relation of respectful dialogue, whereby science and faith can interact to their mutual advantage. Some Christians go further still and, by regarding ‘all truth as God’s truth’, see science and faith as, ultimately, united.

What is your view on science and Christianity?

Where do we begin to explore such possibilities? Many churches are remarkably silent on such matters, or – if vocal – are not addressing the issues in a constructive way. With so many young people aspiring to science-related careers, or working within engineering, technology, medical, and health-related professions, this matter should not be ignored. The silence reflects a serious discontinuity between our culture and Christian faith. One response is for church leaders, Christians, and the curious to be better informed on science and faith. It is only from a framework of critical engagement with both science and the Bible can contemporary issues and the needs of the church and society be addressed.

My recent book (published by Wipf and Stock) was written to inform and transform church leaders, seminary students, and thinking Christians on this topic, so that ministries can be enhanced and faith deepened. When science-faith “issues” surface (like those of global warming, evolution, and genetics), so often the conversations gloss over much deeper assumptions (or perceptions) on the nature and interpretation of scripture and of science. This introductory book brings to light those presuppositions and so provide a framework, as well as a set of adaptable tools to address the concerns of congregants and skeptics.

I encourage you to read the Introduction and, if that grabs your attention and curiosity, then read on!

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