Science and Christianity: Foundations and Frameworks for Moving Forward in Faith. 

By Tim Reddish, (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2016)Wipf & Stock

“The polarized positions, from within the church and from skeptics outside, are so loud and so effectively disseminated that it is often difficult for sensible, mediating positions to be heard. But I am encouraged that there are more and more such positions, including this straightforward defense of critical realism. Reddish’s concluding challenge to ‘Let Scripture be’ should be a helpful word in season for church audiences.

Mark Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame, and author of Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind.

“Reddish engages Scripture faithfully and science with professional integrity. In this book readers will find a helpful guide to understanding not just the perennial flash points of science and Christianity, but the deeper issues that have conditioned the modern mind to be suspicious of finding common ground between them. Reddish shows not just that science and faith can get along, but that when each is understood properly, they enrich each other.”

Jim Stump, Senior Editor, BioLogos, and author of Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues.

 “A good book on science and faith needs to be written by someone who has a feel for science from the experience of working it, combined with a depth of theological understanding, and the lightness of touch to make it readable and exciting. Tim Reddish has written this kind of good bookboth for those with Christian faith and for those exploring Christian faith.”

 David Wilkinson, FRAS, Principal of St John’s College, Durham, UK, and author of When I Pray What Does God do?

“This is an informative book of real scholarship in which Tim Reddish addresses the supposed ‘conflict’ between science and Christianity head-on. By exposing the historical and cultural roots of the divide he is able to point out where useful dialogue can and should occur.”

 Bill McConkey, O.Ont, FRSC, Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor.

“In Science and Christianity, Tim Reddish lays an authoritative, yet personal, account of why science and Christianity are not contradictory ‘belief systems’. He tackles the big questions that are routinely asked about their relationship – the nature of truth, prayer, the Bible, design in nature, miracles – and offers direct, engaging explanations that will appeal.  A great book to read yourself and then give to others.”

Mike Hulme, Professor of Climate and Culture, King’s College London.

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