About the Author

Dr. Tim Reddish obtained his MDiv from Knox College, Photo of Tim ReddishToronto, in 2015; he was also awarded the Gold Medal for academic excellence. Until 2011, he was a Professor of Physics at the University of Windsor (Ontario) researching in the area of experimental atomic and molecular physics. Tim was at Newcastle University for 14 years before he and his family moved from England to Canada in 2002. He spent his formative years in Nigeria, where his parents were missionaries. Tim has a diverse church background—Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, and Presbyterian. His first wife died of cancer in 2011; their son and his family live in Edmonton. Tim is now remarried and enjoys being a step-dad to four children. He and his family live in Windsor. He loves reading theology, watching British detective stories and period dramas, F1 racing, and photography. Tim was ordained in December 2017 and he is now the minister of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Amherstburg, Ontario.

CURRICULUM VITAE – Tim Reddish – 2018

Email: tim.j.reddish@gmail.com

For those curious as to my previous physics research experience please see this (unmaintained) website.