A Blast from the Past!

For those like me who were strongly influenced by the Christian music scene of the 1970’s and 80’s should check out this new CD from Adrian Snell.[1] It is the 30th anniversary Live re-recording of his acclaimed “Alpha and Omega” album. Obviously the music has a 1980’s nostalgic feel to it, but Snell’s other music shows he has continued to evolve with the times! It is an amazing recording/production! This particular project harks back to the “golden” age of British Christian music (a la Graham Kendrick), but Adrian’s outlook has always been “serious music” (the name of his record label) and not just “worship” music – which frankly these days is often shallow, repetitive and dumbed down! As in keeping with the music of that period, it is a carefully crafted blend of contemporary and orchestral instruments, choral (church choir) music and individual vocalists. Whether or not this is your taste in music, enjoy the musicianship in this high-quality production and appreciate one of Britain’s best Christian musicians, composers, and lyricists.

[1] http://www.adrian-snell.com/index